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Music by Christopher Franke

Babylon5 CD

1-4 Chrysalis 18:22
5-6 Mind War 6:14
7-9 Parliament of Dreams 18:04
10-12 The Geometry of Shadows 15:14

The Original Soundtrack Babylon 5 Suite
Cost: $13.99 + S&H
S&H Charges:

USA, Canada, & Mexico: US$3.00
All other countries: US$5.00

new music for films: Vol 1 (VSD-5393)

1. Main Title (2:28) 2. Big country 3. Dramatic Ride(2:07) 4. The run(:34) 5. Getting Ready to Attack (2:21) 6. Memories Of Maria (1:40) 7. The Attack (2:28) 8. will He Return? (1:34)...Under Construction

Universal Soldier Soundtrack (VSD-5372)

PACIFIC COAST highway (01005-82094)


The London Concert (VSD-5399)

Enchanting Nature (ET7401-2)

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