Legions of Fire Trilogy
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Legions of Fire Trilogy

Image of Dark Genesis by J. Gregory KeyesBook 3: Out of the Darkness by Peter David

The exciting legacy of Babylon 5 continues with this thrilling new story of action and adventure!

Blind to the fact that he is a pawn in the Drakh's deadly strategy, Centauri Prime minister Durla launches an overwhelming blitzkrieg, sending Centauri warships to devastate other races' homeworlds and pave the way for total conquest. Yet Durla is forced to fight a war on two fronts. Even as he mobilizes the massive space fleet for its glorious attack, resistance leader Vir Cotto works feverishly to counter the Drakh's evil influence on Centauri Prime.

Emporer Londo Mollari possesses the key that can reveal the presence of the Drakh, but to do so would spell disaster, so he is forced to remain silent. But when the Drakh bring another pawn into play - David Sheridan, son of Alliance president John Sheridan - the time for silence may be past. If Vir and the Resistance are to prevail, it will be only through action, and with help from very strange allies...

DRB-42720: Legions of Fire: Out of the Darkness (ISBN 0-345-42720-3) Price 6.50 (Out of Print, Sold Out)


Image of Dark Genesis by J. Gregory KeyesBook 2: Armies of Light and Dark by Peter David

DRB-42719: Legions of Fire: The Long Night of Centauri Prime (ISBN 0-345-42719-2) Price 6.50 (In Stock)


Book 1: The Long Night of Centauri Prime by Peter David

Image of Dark Genesis by J. Gregory KeyesBombed to the brink of oblivion, the planet Centauri Prime is slowly rebuilding, under the watchful eye of Emperor Londo Mollari. But Londo is also being watched - and manipulated - by the conquest hungry Drakh. the malevolent being are reshaping the Centauri Republic into a secret seat of power, from which to launch deadly strikes - against Interstellar Alliance president John Sheridan...and Earth itself. (ISBN 0-345-42718-1) (Del Rey)

DRB-42718: Legions of Fire: The Long Night of Centauri Prime (ISBN 0-345-42718-1) Price 6.50 (In Stock)


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