The Official 1999 Babylon 5 Calendars!
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The Official 1999 Babylon 5  Calendars!

The 1999 Antioch Calendar

1999 Antioch Calendar Front View1999 Antioch Calendar Back View

It will  include some unique features:

a 13th month page, January 2000
a 16-month grid page (November 1998 to February 2000) by popular demand, two 10" x 10" frameable prints from the 1998 Antioch calendar a wider format and larger date blocks monthly grids light enough on which to write important dates and meetings

This special calendar is a serialized edition limited to 25,000 and is shipping now!

LWO-47872 1999 Babylon 5 Antioch Calendar $16.95 USD. + S&H

The 1999 Standard Slow Dazzle Calendar

b5cov.jpeg-120V.jpg (13125 bytes)









DAZ-067 1999 Babylon 5 Slow Dazzle Calendar $Contact USD.Contact for Price and Availability

Slow Dazzle was supposed to produce a larger sized Lenticular Image calendar, but due to circumstances not related to B5 they were not able to do it for 1999. But look for it for the year 2000, as they have assured me that it *will* happen.

DAZ-112 1999 Babylon 5 Slow Dazzle Lenticular Calendar Pre-order $26.95 USD. + S&H (CANCELLED)


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