The Year 2001 Babylon 5 Slow Dazzle Calendar
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Order your Official   Year 2001 Babylon 5TM  Calendars now!

Slow Dazzle officially cancels the Official  Year 2001 Babylon 5 Calendar.

Why? because of a 'lack of Retailer Interest'. There are two underlying causes:

1. Slow Dazzle requires the total advance orders of a calendar to be 6000 or greater before they will send it to production.  As of July of this year when the preorders were due, less then 4000 were ordered.

2. 1-800-TREKKER is one of the larger purchasers of the calendars in the past. They were bought this year and the new purchasing policy is to purchase products on a just-in-time basis - they only  purchase for existing orders and they no longer carry a stock. Since they purchased ~2000 calendars in the past and they had very  limited advance orders this year (very typical), they did not place the large order as they did in the past under the new purchasing policy. (I sold ~150 last year but had only 33 ordered before the release date. This year I only had 25  preorders - my advance order to Slow Dazzle was 96).

The 2001 Standard Slow Dazzle Calendar

The show may have ended after five breathtaking seasons, but you can still keep the legend alive with this full-color calendar, filled with images from the classic sci-fi series. Includes a bonus 10 inch standup.

DAZ-250 Year 2001 Babylon 5 Standard Slow Dazzle Calendar $11.66 Pre-order Price USD. + S&H (ETA: July 2000)


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