Official Year 2002 Babylon 5 Calendar
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Official  Year 2002 Babylon 5TM  Calendars

Year 2000 Babylon 5 CalendarSlow Dazzle announced that there would be no Year 2002 Babylon 5 Calendars earlier this year. That is why I did not advertise for them or take orders.

Then in Oct 2002 it appeared that they might after all, and they are now here! Order yours below.
Click here to see a sample page: [Large(85K)] [Small(28K)]

The 2002 16 Month Slow Dazzle Calendar

The show may have ended after five breathtaking seasons, but you can still keep the legend alive with this full-color calendar, filled with images from the classic sci-fi series.

DAZ-403 Year 2002 Babylon 5 Standard Slow Dazzle Calendar $15.99 USD. + S&H Sold Out 


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