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Babylon 5 Character Costumes are HERE!!!

Bruce-238V.jpg (9872 bytes)4/30/00
On or about April 1, 2000, Rubies costumes released the long awaited Babylon 5 Costumes. There are two - a mens and a womans style. They are Described as Deluxe Adult Shirts, are double knit costume shirts w/dickie with the appearance of the Army of Light jacket worn later in the series. Shown here worn by yours truely (myself) to prove the existance (I received my first one on 4/28/00 to verify that they are actually available this time). The PGP simulation is not included. The ranger patch on my left shoulder, the Alliance Shield on the right shoulder (not visible), and the rank bar are all silk screened on. Currently sizes Small and Medium are shipping. Size Large is expected to ship May or June.

The sizes run as follows:

Costume sizing Information
  S M L
Adult Mens 36-38 40-42 44-48(to 52)
Adult Womans 7-9 10-16 18

RC15622-118V.jpg (5204 bytes)Style 15622, Ivanova.
(Image will be shown when available)

RC15622 - Army of Light Womens Top. Cost: $45.00 Limited Supply

RC15623-113V.jpg (5198 bytes)Style 15623. Sheridan™

RC15623 - Army of Light Mens Top.
Cost: $45.00 Limited Supply


Message Archive:


The latest word from the manufacturer is that there will be a October release of the now long awaited and over-due costumes. The costumes are now supposed to be the "New" or "Army of Light" costumes, one in each of Womens and Mens designs. Watch this page for further details, or sign up on our Monthly newletter on the top B5 Shop Page to be notified when further details are available.


Well, they have done it to us again! Rubies Costumes has once again delayed the release of the costumes. Contact Warner Bros. to put pressure on Rubies to release the costumes!


News Flash! The manufacturer has notified me that the costume production is finally starting! I hope to get some for WesterCon 50 in Seattle July 4th weekend, 1997 (I am crossing my fingers as I say that), but in any case it should be July.

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