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(Some assembly may be required...)
(Ship product code links lead to paint examples from AOG)

After the collapse of Agents of Gaming, the figures became very scarce. I have located a source of new stock figures before packaging. They are new, but just not in their display packaging. If you absolutely need the display packaging, let me know in the checkout instructions - or e-mail me prior to purchase. Otherwise, you will receive most figures bagged rather than packaged.

Babylon Wars Miniatures (AOG-BW prefix) run ~1"-4" in size
Fleet Action Miniatures (AOG-FA prefix) run ~1/4"-1" in size

AOG-BW-215 Drazi Warbird $9.95 (alternate photo, painted as a Gaim Kuach)
What's the difference between this and a Sunhawk?
AOG-BW-216 Drazi Stormfalcon Heavy Cruiser: $13.95
AOG-BW-270 Drazi Sunhawk: $9.95
(Whats the difference between this and a Warbird?)
AOG-BW-271 Drazi Strikehawk: $9.95
(Whats the difference between this and a Sunhawk/Warbird?)
AOG-BW-272 Drazi Sky Serpent Fighter (3/blister): $9.95


The Drazi Sunhawk and Warbird are nearly identical miniatures. The Sunhawk, however, has a smooth engine piece (the entire aft section). In the painted sample shown here, this smoothed surface is painted with the glowing red-and-yellow mottling seen in the episode "Deathwalker." The Warbird, in contrast, has a cowling over the engine (see photo). Within the Babylon 5 Wars game, the Warbird is represented as a slightly smaller ship, with four particle cannons instead of particle blasters. It is also older, and is considered inferior to the Sunhawk. They do, however, exist in large numbers.

The Drazi Strikehawk is a Warbird hull with a launch catapult, attached to which is a single Sky Serpent super-heavy fighter. This fighter is represented directly on the figure with a tiny, non-removable Sky Serpent atop the catapult. It is otherwise identical to a Warbird. In the game, the Strikehawk is a Warbird without the main (forward) gun, this having been removed to make room for the catapult and not interfere with launch/recovery operations.

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