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The Babylon Project by WireFrame Productions

The Thin Line Between Humanity and a Chaotic Universe...

In the aftermath of the Earth-Minbari War, Humanity is rebuilding its shattered fleet and reestablishing its colonial empire. Earthforce morale -- and power --   is on the rise as young men and women from all over the Alliance step forward to serve Humankind. The military life is tough and dangerous -- but it's the thin line between Humanity and a hostile universe...

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Babylon5ProjectFrontCover-50.jpg (6743 bytes) The Babylon Project Rule Book $25.00 USD. + S&H Sold Out

EarthForceFront-50.jpg (7452 bytes)EarthForceBack-50.jpg (6877 bytes) The Babylon Project Earthforce Sourcebook $18.00 USD. + S&H

CEE-051-002 The Babylon Project Gamemaster's Resource Kit $14.00 USD. + S&H

(Not Shown) A supplement for the Roleplaying Game Based on Babylon 5, the Warner Bros. Television Series created by J. Michael Straczynski. Includes a CCG Promo Card.


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