Earth Alliance Fact Book
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The Earth Alliance Factbook

SRP: $24.95 | Pages: 128 | Softback | MGP3333

The Earth Alliance Fact Book


One of Humanity’s primary assets is the overall adaptability and curiosity of its people. Humans love to explore, and the instant they got their hands on hyperspace technology, deep survey missions were being sent to every corner of the Galaxy. Humans also appreciate freedom, and eagerly flocked to new colony sites in search of new opportunities. A generally friendly race, they had little trouble meeting aliens and trading with them, in the process quickly advancing their level of technology up to a level where they could safely defend themselves from aggressive neighbors.

Humans are many things: diplomats, traders, farmers, designers, doctors, explorers, and much more. They are the ones who can do it all. Yet, despite their apparent friendliness and curiosity, they are a race fraught with internal problems. All too often their natural aggressiveness turns inward upon itself. Religious and ethnic groups are still at odds with each other despite centuries of alliance. Good-natured competition between nation-states and colonies all too often turns sour. The government, stable on the surface, internally struggles for control over increasingly independent-minded planets. Telepaths and mundanes remain constantly at odds, separated by genetics and decades of dichotomy. The human race may appear strong and confident from the outside, but internally, they are still struggling to find a measure of stability with themselves.

This book will detail the Earth Alliance in its entirety. From the homeworld of Earth to the colonies of Mars, Proxima, Orion, and more, every part of the Alliance can be found in these pages. Vehicles, weapons, equipment, characters, and more are examined in complete detail. The role-playing possibilities are endless!


Spanning 200 sumptuous full color pages, this hardback book is the very latest in the Babylon 5 line, providing everything players and Games Masters need to know about setting scenarios or characters within the Earth Alliance. Humanity's stronghold among the stars, the Earth Alliance is a union of colonies which are fully detailed in this sourcebook. Here, fans of Babylon 5 will learn the complete history of humanity's reach for the stars, discover the true nature of the Psi Corps and gain access to hundreds of new prestige classes, feats and items of equipment. Also fully detailed are the military forces of the Earth Alliance, including all new spacecraft designs such as the Omega-class Destroyer. 


The Earth Alliance Fact Book is the first in a new line of support books for the popular Babylon 5 RPG, designed to turn the locations of the TV show into living, breathing places for players to explore in their games. With production values second to none, The Earth Alliance Fact Book marks the commitment Mongoose Publishing has to support the Babylon 5 RPG, providing fans with a complete reference of never before seen material based on the TV show.



  • The second sourcebook for the new Babylon 5 RPG, detailing the might of the Earth Alliance

  • Completely compatible with existing D20 System products

  • Unique release from an acclaimed publisher

  • Gorgeous, eye-catching front cover artwork

  • Full color throughout featuring original screen shots from the series

  • Exclusive never-before-seen official Babylon 5 background material

  • The Babylon 5 Role-playing game is a new RPG from Mongoose Publishing that will appeal to all fans of the science fiction series as well as connoisseurs of futuristic RPGs


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