The Coming of Shadows
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The Coming of Shadows

The Coming of Shadows

SRP: $24.95 | Pages: 128 | Softback | MGP3332

The Earth year 2258 was set to be one of new beginnings but instead became a time of exceptional discord. The disputes between the Narn and Centauri have steadily escalated as the two age-old enemies vie for territory and influence, even as the Minbari subtly manipulate the younger races for their own nebulous ends. The Vorlons have, for the first time, appeared to other races on board the Babylon 5 diplomatic station but their motives seem convoluted and beyond the concerns of others. Even the Earth Alliance has suffered, with the seemingly accidental death of its president and a growing feeling among many that its government has become fragmented, with shadowy groups becoming increasingly self-serving, pursuing secret agendas with worrying consequences. Terrorist groups have grown increasingly daring in their activities, trying to secure freedom for worlds within the Earth Alliance or keep alien influence far from humanity. Times are growing dark for the weak and helpless, but it is also fertile ground for opportunists and heroes to leave a permanent mark on the galaxy.

The Coming of Shadows is a sourcebook for the Babylon 5 roleplaying game, exploring in detail the personalities and events of 2259. Used in conjunction with Chapter 8 of the main rulebook, Signs and Portents, Games Masters can now accurately extend their campaigns and story arcs beyond 2258 to include the dramatic galaxy-shaking events detailed here.

Every episode of the second season of the Babylon 5 television show is fully covered in The Coming of Shadows, along with numerous scenario and campaign hooks that will make it easy to integrate them with ongoing story arcs already unfolding in current games. As described in Chapter 9 of the main rulebook, Campaigns on Babylon 5, players can witness or even become directly involved in these events, engaging in story arcs of their own that may put them at the centre of the galaxy alongside the heroes of the television show. This sourcebook also includes the main personalities found on board Babylon 5, updated from those that appeared in the main rulebook in 2258, as well as featuring a few new faces. New rules additions, equipment and vehicles are also featured, expanding the Babylon 5 roleplaying game no matter where or when the Games Master chooses to set his story arcs and campaigns.

The year 2258 set the scene for players new to the Babylon 5 roleplaying game. The Coming of Shadows will elevate games to new levels of passion and excitement as players begin to discover just who the real powers in the galaxy are. . .


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