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The River of Souls CD - SID-8907

Third Space CD Cover

SID-8907: The River of Souls CD, $14.99

Track Title Time
Under Construction
Track Title Time

Under Construction

Thirdspace CD - SID-8900

SID-8900: Third Space CD, $14.99

Track Title Time
Track One Total Time 7:22
1A Battle to Survive 3:21
1B Back To The Station 0:40
1C Telepathic Mindflash 0:17
1D Vision Of A Shade 0:20
1E Hearing The Sound 0:33
1F The Bizarre Object 2:00

Track Two Total Time 10:47
2A The Monstrous Atrifact Arrives 2:14
2B Truth Is Inconvenient 3:10
2C There Is Danger 1:52
2D We Have A Deal 1:13
2E Lyta's Nightmare

2F Bots Take Off 1:19

Track Three Total Time 13:57
3A Bots Destroyed 0:50
3B You Have To Stop It 1:07
3C Lyta's History 2:10
3D A Distant World 2:12
3E It Could Change Everything 1:11
3F The Black Tower 0:40
3G Ivanova's Wild Dream 0:42
3H It's Calling All Of Us 0:42
3I The Vision Of Thirdspace 2:34
3J We Have Contact 1:39

Track Title Time

Track Four Total Time 12:00
4A Activated Artifact 1:02
4B Under Outside Control 1:34

4C Launch The Fighters 1:15
4D The Vorlon Legacy 6:45
4E Ivanova Arrests Dr. Trent 1:15

Track Five Total Time 15:12
5A Mobiliztion 0:44
5B Start The Attack 2:46
5C Vir's Fight 1:38
5D Inside The Artifact 6:02
5E Sheridan Drifting In Space 0:56
5F One Mistake Out Of So Many 1:48
5G End Credits 1:15

Grand Total 59:22


Babylon 5: In the Beginning TV-Movie Soundtrack

CD-InTheBeginning-180.jpeg (8269 bytes)

SID-8812, In the Beginning TV-Movie Soundtrack CD: $14.99

Note: Many of you have asked what the tracks are.
Also, more Music By Christopher Franke.

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