Factory X Pewter Ship Figures
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Factory X Pewter Ship Figures

 Omega Star Fury

FX-22572: Factory X Black Omega Star Fury Pewter Figure, $169.95  
Clearance Sale! Only $45! While they last! Sold Out


For the first time, this mighty vessel comes to life, as the premiere piece in this new Babylon 5 Space Craft Collection. Each ship in this spectacular series is officially authorized by Warner Bros. and is meticulously hand crafted by the Factory X metal smiths.

fx-1-320H.jpg (18009 bytes)Every aspect of this magnificent station has been expertly captured in this highly detailed model. Measuring a full 10" in length, the craft is cast in the finest pewter. In addition, the twelve solar collectors have been lavishly plated in sterling silver. A beautiful black lacquered display stand with the Babylon 5 logo is included. Make sure to open a Jumpgate today and make this Factory X collectable a part of your fleet! (This is a clickable image, pick on the station model for a closer view of that section, divided into 3 sections.)

FCX-1: Babylon 5 Station Pewter Figure,10 " Long! ,
$194.95 Clearance Sale! Only $55!
While they last!
  Sold Out


Both for only $90

FCX-3: Set, Babylon 5 Station Pewter Figure and Black Omega Star Fury Pewter Figure! ,
Clearance Sale! Both for only $90!
While they last! 
Sold Out


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