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General disclaimer for all Diamond Comics and other figures:
Due to allocations, distribution quantities, and other restrictions beyond my control, there is always a possiblity that I may not be able to fill all orders. In any case, I will do my best to fill orders placed here. If I am short items to fill orders, I will make sure that everyone will get at least one of each figure: If you order multiples of a figure, you may only get one. Also, orders of sets will get priority over single figure orders.


Exclusively for Diamond Comics:

Exclusive Premiere Wave I 9" Figures

4 - 6" figures similar to the Toys R Us release, plus 2 more figures Exclusive to Diamond Comics.

Along with the 4 - 6" figures released by Toys R Us, Diamond Comics has two more - Delenn as a Full Minbari (prior to the Chrysalis), and G' Kar with a different paint scheme (see images below). Due to the limited availability of these figures, on-line ordering will not be available and they will only be available in the following sets. Please call for availability.

(Post Chrysalis)
G 'Kar
G' Kar

Set 1: EP20013, EP20014, EP20015, EP20016 Sold out
Set 2: EP20013, EP20016, EP20019, EP20020 Sold out
Set 3: EP20013, EP20014, EP20015, EP20016, EP20019, EP20020 Sold out

Contact us via e-mail, fax, or phone - see bottom of page for details.

A new set of 6" figures with accessories from Exclusive Premiere through Toys R Us.

EP20013-33.jpg (2289 bytes)Captain Sheridan in EarthForce Uniform with Babylon 5 Space Station.

Captain John J. Sheridan assumed command of the Babylon 5 station on 8th January 2259 following the reassignment of Commander Sinclair. Sheridan is a celebrated tactical thinker who is particularly good at fighting a superior enemy and overcoming adverse odds. He is also a patriot who will fight to protect Earth from both internal and external threats.

Also available: Ambassador Delenn, Citizen (formally Ambassador) G'Kar, and Ambassador Londo:

ep20014-33.jpg (2268 bytes)ep20015-33.jpg (2353 bytes)ep20016-33.jpg (2368 bytes)


Exclusive Premiere Wave I 9" Figures

Coming in April 1998, another set of Babylon 5 9" Figures by Exclusive Premiere


Due to the success of the Toys R Us®,  Exclusive Premeire is releasing another set similar to the Toys R Us figures below with a slightly different set of accessories. Preorder your figures here (see below for what the Toys R Us figures looked like).Diamond will have a re-costumed version of the 9-inch Captain Sheridan, Ambassador Delenn and Ambassador G'Kar figures. Delenn will be full minbari in her pre-transformation state.

Sheridan (EP20041)— release 2 Figure: $39.90

Delenn (EP20042)— release 2 Figure: $39.90

G'Kar (EP20043)— release 2 Figure: $39.90


babfigs-50.jpg (8633 bytes)In December 1997 and January 1998, Exclusive Premeire is scheduled to release 6  9" babylon 5 Figures. 3 figures - G'kar, Sheridan, and Delenn - will be released only through Toys R Us ®, and the remaining 3 figures - Vir, Marcus, and Lennier (shown at the left) will be released via more robust channels. I will be carrying the later three. If the first release is successful, a second release of 6" figures may be made later next year. Watch this page for more details..
Here are the Toys R Us figures:

delenn-50.jpg (5502 bytes)sheridan-50.jpg (6376 bytes)gkar-50.jpg (5829 bytes)For those that did not get these while they were in Toys R Us, call for price and availability.


9" Wave I VirVir, Ambassador Mollari's trusted aide, played by Stephen Furst.

VIR (20005)—Figure: $39.90

9" Wave I MarcusMarcus Cole (a member of the band of covert freedom fighters called the Rangers, played by Jason Carter

MARCUS (20004)—Figure: $39.90

9" Wave I LennierLennier, Ambassador Delenn's faithful and attentive aide, played by Bill Mumy.

LENNIER (20003)—Figure: $39.90


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