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General disclaimer for all Diamond Comics and other figures:
Due to allocations, distribution quantities, and other restrictions beyond my control, there is always a possiblity that I may not be able to fill all orders. In any case, I will do my best to fill orders placed here. If I am short items to fill orders, I will make sure that everyone will get at least one of each figure: If you order multiples of a figure, you may only get one. Also, orders of sets will get priority over single figure orders.


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Here’s the second wave of very cool, exquisitely sculpted action figures—available only through Toys R Us and Previews! Bring the excitement and intrigue of TV’s Babylon 5 to life with these all-new 6" tall action figures, each detailed figure is depicted in his (or her) familiar dress uniform, and also comes with a spaceship miniature, specific to their race. Choose from: Lt. Commander Susan Ivanova (hair in pony tail), Vir, Ranger Marcus Cole, and Vorlon Ambassador Kosh. Watch for exclusive variant versions of some of these figures—includinging Ivanova with her hair down—not available through Toys R Us and featuring different packaging! (Note: Neither I nor any of the other dealers I have inquiried has seen this variant). Courtesy Diamond Comics

EP20026 Limited quantities
Exclusive Premiere 6" Lt. Commander Susan Ivanova: $12.00

EP20028 Limited quantities
Exclusive Premiere 6" Vir: $12.00

EP20054 Limited quantities
Exclusive Premiere 6" Vir Variant: $30.00

EP20029 limited quantities
Exclusive Premiere 6" Ranger Marcus Cole: $15.00

EP20027 (Kosh Standard Figure)

Orders Temporarily Closed for this figure...
Exclusive Premiere 6" Vorlon Ambassador Kosh: $20.00

EP20053 Limited quantities
Exclusive Premiere 6" Vorlon Visitor Variant: $30.00

EP20032s Limited quantities
Set of four second wave B5 6" figures (not including variants): $50.00



Exclusive Premiere Wave I 9" Figures

Coming in April 1998, another set of Babylon 5 9" Figures by Exclusive Premiere


Due to the success of the Toys R Us®,  Exclusive Premeire is releasing another set similar to the Toys R Us figures below with a slightly different set of accessories. Preorder your figures here (see below for what the Toys R Us figures looked like).Diamond will have a re-costumed version of the 9-inch Captain Sheridan, Ambassador Delenn and Ambassador G'Kar figures. Delenn will be full minbari in her pre-transformation state.

Sheridan (EP20041)— release 2 Figure: $39.90

Delenn (EP20042)— release 2 Figure: $39.90

G'Kar (EP20043)— release 2 Figure: $39.90




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