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General disclaimer for all Diamond Comics and other figures:
Due to allocations, distribution quantities, and other restrictions beyond my control, there is always a possiblity that I may not be able to fill all orders. In any case, I will do my best to fill orders placed here. If I am short items to fill orders, I will make sure that everyone will get at least one of each figure: If you order multiples of a figure, you may only get one. Also, orders of sets will get priority over single figure orders.


wavingguy2.gif (16132 bytes)Previews is happy to announce that—contrary to the information provided in the October Previews—the Babylon 5 6-Inch Figure Series IV (OCT982385J) will not be carried by Toys ’R Us. This means that the entire fourth series of these exquisitely sculpted, highly popular action figures will now be a Previews Exclusive.
(Diamond Comics)

(Click on Image to jump to Wave IV page.)


  • b5_shadow.jpg (18730 bytes)A Previews Shared Exclusive! Here’s the third wave of very cool, exquisitely sculpted action figures— available only through Toys R Us and Previews! Bring the excitement and intrigue of TV’s Babylon 5 to life with these all-new 6" tall action figures, each detailed figure is depicted in his (or her) familiar dress uniform, and also comes with a spaceship miniature, specific to their race. (Click on image to jump to Wave III page)
    Choose from:

  • Dr. Stephen Franklin, Security Chief

  • Michael Garibaldi,

  • Lennier,

  • Lyta Alexander.

Previews customers can also look for exclusive variant versions of Lennier and Lyta Alexander—not available through Toys R Us—and featuring different packaging! PLUS: Look for a rare Shadow figure shipped one per case! (Shadow figures will be sold seperately after release)


garibaldi-50.jpg (2384 bytes)A Previews Exclusive! The next releases in the 9-inch Babylon 5 figure series—featuring variant costumes from the Toys R Us versions—all available only through Previews! Each articulated figure comes fully dressed in an authentic costume and includes a display stand (with B5 logo). The packaging acts as a display case so you don't have to ever ruin the "mint" quality of these
impressive collector’s figures! Michael Garibaldi and Susan Ivanova both come in EarthForce uniforms (Garibaldi in Toys R Us version Army of Light uniform shown here), while Londo Molari comes dressed in a different, flamboyant costume. These figures will be produced in limited quantities—

(Click on image to jump to Wave III page) 

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