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Babylon 5 Topped Pencils by Dorda Toys
    #DT21283-A Set of all 8 B5 Pencils $28.00, sets only.
Sold out.
 #DT21283-1 B5 Station Pencil
Sold out.
 #DT21283-5 Star Fury Pencil
Sold out.
 #DT21283-2 Green Ship Pencil
Sold out.
 #DT21283-6 Minbari Flyer Pencil
Sold out.
 #DT21283-3 Narn Transport Pencil
Sold out.
 #DT21283-7 Narn Fighter Pencil
Sold out.
 #DT21283-4 Centauri Transport Pencil
Sold out.
 #DT21283-8 B5 Crew Shuttle Pencil
Sold out.


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