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MicroMachine Collection 1
MicroMachine Collection 2
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Babylon 5 MicroMachine Update!

Yes, the new B5 MicroMachine collections #5,6 are out, but you will be lucky to get any.
Galoob packaged it as part of the Space Collection: 24 Vehicle collections per box including Star Wars, Star Trek, and only TWO Babylon 5 collections, one (1) #5 and one (1) #6. Because of this, I was only able to acquire a *very* limited number of these very rare collections (and they are long gone). I still have collections 1 and 2 in stock, and very occasionally get some of the others. Call for information or ordering.


MicroMachine(tm) Collections

Collection #1
Collection 1 Details

Collection #2
Collection 2 Details

Collection #3
Collection 3 Details

Collection #4
Collection 4 Details

B5 Station Image

Vorlon Cruiser Image

Centauri Transport Image

Minbari Flyer Image

Vorlon Transport Image

Narn Transport Image

Minbari Cruiser Image

Narn Fighter Image

Green Ship Image

Raider Ship Image

Star Fury Fighter Image

B5 Crew Shuttle Image


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