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The Babylon 5 Profiles Trading Cards by Skybox 

Skybox (Fleer) released the 1999 Babylon 5: Profiles September 15, 1999. This release consists of a 100-card base set consisting of insightful profiles of the main characters over all 5 seasons. Also included in the release:

  • Directors Chair, A 9 card insert set announcing biographies of all the head Directors from behind the scene. This insert set will also color-foil stamp. [Sorry their words, not mine] (1:8 packs)
  • Autograph Cards, autographs from the main cast as well as special guest stars including: Mira Firlan (Delenn), Bruce Boxleitner (Sheridan), Peter Jurasik (Londo), Bill Mummy (Lennier), etc... (1:36 packs)
  • The Optic Nerve, this 9 card Alien Make-up set features Artist Concept Sketches on the fronts and finished Alien heads on back as created by "Optic Nerve" Studio. This set will foil stamp and print on uncoated paper (1:12)
  • The Prop Cage, an 18 card set (printed on uncoated paper and gold foil stamped) accenting the most memorable props used throughout the Babylon 5 series. (1:4)
  • Harlan Ellison Card, One card highlighting the career of Harlan Ellison (creative consultant for B5 and famous Sci-Fi writer). This very limited card will print on a holographic prisma-foil paper and be hand-numbered to only 1000.

The Standard package
This is the standard trading card package with 9 cards, available in one box style - the standard flat box with 36 packs per box.

To sum it up:

  • Standard Package
    • Packs - $1.76
    • Boxes - $60.00

Box/Pack ordering:

B5 Profiles Fleer Trading Card Box: $68.00 Sold Out


B5 Profiles Fleer Trading Card Pack $1.99


Price for sets (while they last - prices and availability subject to change without notice):

100 card basic set: $17.00


9 card Director's Chair Insert Set (1:8) $21.60 Contact for Availability


9 card Optic Nerve insert set (1:12) $34.20 Contact for Availability

18 card Prop Cage insert set (1:12) $26.10 Contact for Availability


Set of the above (called a MiniMaster): $76.6 Contact for Availability

Autograph Cards : $Contact

Harlan Ellison Autograph card: $Contact

Profiles Collector's Album $25.60 (preorder) Sold Out


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