Star Wars Pewter Ship Figures

by Rawliffe

NEW4.GIF (300 bytes)Superbly detailed pewter figures in the Rawcliffe tradition of 4 of your favorite Star Wars Ships.

Naboo Star Fighter Image

RPC-1341007: Naboo Star Fighter Pewter Figure ,$45.00

Royal Starship Pewter Figure Image

RPC-1341002: Royal Starship $45.00

Trade Federation Droid Starfighter Pewter Figure Image

RPC-1341008: Trade Federation Droid Starfighter Pewter Figure, $45.00

Trade Federation Tank Pewter Figure

RPC-1341005: Trade Federation Tank Pewter Figure, $57.50

Trade Federation Transport Image

RPC-1341007: Trade Federation Transport Pewter Figure ,$45.00