Bruce Ritter's Bio

Hi, my name is Bruce Ritter, and I am the owner of Uncomyn Gifts. The purpose of this page is to tell you a little about myself and where I came from. I will also explain a little about where Uncomyn Gifts came from and where I preceive it as going.

In The Beginning

I was born in a then sleepy town of  Encino, Ca. ( in the outskirts of Los Angeles at the time) on January 20, 1960 to William and Sandra Ritter. We lived in an apartment at that time. My father was an AeroSpace Engineer for Rocketdyne, a division of Rockwell Intl. My mother was a school teacher for the Los Angeles City School System.

About a year and a half later, my sister, Susie, was born. With the apartment now overfilled, and my father being entrepenerial in spirit and wishing to start his own business, my parents decided to purchase their first house, now in Reseda. My father, with a partner, started his first business: Freedom Campers. This was the first company to use a fiberglass top to extend the height of a van to all a person to stand. Up until then, the only option was a 'Pop Top'. That company closed after a couple years due to a disagreement in the direction of the company by the partners, and at that point my father started Contempo Campers, a 17 year success. During that time I got experience using the various power tools used in wood based construction.

Science and SciFi

When I was about 5 years old, while at a family gathering (I think that it was Passover), I saw a Science Fiction movie on television based on the then popular theme of space aliens attacking earth. The hero in the movie was a scientist who developed a 'ray generator' that would disrupt the aliens saucer shaped craft's ability to fly and cause them to 'crash and burn'. In the end, of course, the earth's population was saved and the hero got the girl. That movie had a profound effect on me at that receptive young age, as I would devote the rest of my life to Science and Science Fiction, becoming an avid science fiction reader and learning basic electronics concepts by the tender age of 7.

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