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PSI Corps Trilogy:

Babylon 5: Dark Genesis

Image of Dark Genesis by J. Gregory KeyesBook one of the new Babylon 5 series presents a detailed story (the first in a trilogy) focusing on one of the TV show's most fascinating elements: the dreaded and controversial Psi Corps.

The discovery of telepaths spurs the creation of new laws to  govern their powers... and ultimately gives rise to the Psi Corps. Its job is to find and regulate telepaths, and it will come to play a major role in the future of Babylon 5.

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DRB-42715: Dark Genesis
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Babylon 5: Deadly Relations

Image of Dark Genesis by J. Gregory KeyesBook two in the new Babylon 5 novel series (the second in a trilogy) follows the life and times of the series' most intriguing villain - top Psi Cop Alfred Bester!

The child of rebel telepaths annihiliated by the Nazi-like Psi Corps, Bester is raised by the Corps to be a ruthless soldier ... and rises to become its most powerful - and dreaded - officer.

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DRB-42716: Deadly Relations
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Babylon 5: Final Reckoning

Image of Dark Genesis by J. Gregory KeyesIn the stunning finale to the Psi Corps trilogy, the Corp's ruthless commander, Alfred Bester, watches as the monstrous telepathic police force he built is toppled by a new resistance movement.

Now targeted as a war criminal, the once-dreaded Bester is on the run and struggling to build a new life on the ruins of his sinister past. But the forces of justice - and vengeance - are closing in....

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DRB-42717: Final Reckoning
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