1998/99 Season 5 Fleer Trading Cards
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The Babylon 5  Season 5

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In January 1999 Fleer will released their all-new, 81-card series
based on the fifth (and last) season of TNTís Babylon 5 (to be
followed up by the new series, Crusade). The card set  includes
cards that examine each of the seasonís episodes, as well as a host
of inserts. And collectors can expect to find one
autographed card per box from one of 20 different characters,
including Patricia Tallman (Lyta Alexander), Caitlin Brown
(NaíToth), and Jeffrey Willerth (Ambassador Kosh).
(Courtesy Diamond Comics)

bab5.jpg (19829 bytes)An all-new 81 card set that highlights the ultra-popular TV showís 5th season, including 21cards that look into each of the seasonís episodes,is now available! Includes a host of inserts such as "Sleeping In Light," "One Exit at a Time,"
"Thirdspace," and "The River of Souls." As a treat, you can expect one autographed card per box from one of 20 different characters. 9 cards per pack; 36 packs per box, 20 boxes per case, contact for case pricing.
(Courtesy Diamond Comics)

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Sold Out B5TCS5-Box: B5 Season 5 Fleer Trading Card Box  $64.00

B5TCS5-Box: B5 Season 5 Fleer Trading Card Common Set $10.00


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