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Farscape Season 1 Video Releases

Current releases:

Premiere I, E.T. Video Cover (2811 bytes)

ADV-VFS-001: Farscape Vol 1: Premiere 1, E.T. 
VHS/NTSC Video Tape $14.98:

DVD $24.98:

Special 3-Tape Collection
Farscape Collecion 1

Includes the three tapes at the left for one special price.

Farscape Collection 1 Video Cover (2368 Bytes)

ADV-FSV-001C: Farscape Collection 1 on VHS/NTSC Video Tape $43.62

Exodus From Genesis/Throne For A Loss Video Cover

 ADV-VFS-002:Farscape  Vol 2: Exodus From Genesis/Throne For A Loss
VHS/NTSC Video Tape $14.98:

 DVD $24.98:

Farscape: Back and Back.../Thank God It's Friday Again  Video Cover (2,786 Bytes)

ADV-VFS-003:Farscape Vol 3: Back and Back and Back to the Future/Thank God It's Friday Again:
 VHS/NTSC Video Tape $14.98:

 DVD $24.98:

 DVDs and Video Tapes Through Vol 7 are available also. Please contact at to order ( you may order from here and add on, or order from here and substitute in the Special Instructions section at check-out). I will update this page as soon as possible. - Bruce
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