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Toy Vault Release 1 Special Edition Figures


Crichton SE: $11.99

A Specialty Market Exclusive! Farscape is a runaway cult classic-in-the-making! Act now, and collect these awesome Special Edition action figures! Who knows how long they’ll be around! This series is scheduled to included: D’Argo — Special Edition: "Til the Blood Runs Clear" with dagger, sword, and sand mask; Zhaan — Special Edition: Priest of Pau with small face mask and Volkaz bird with perch; Crichton — Special Edition: Commander Crichton with helmet, big gun with strap, two DRDs, sand goggles, and jacket; and Chiana — "Armed and Dangerous" with gun, handcuffs, and neck collar. Blister card packaging.

Release Due October 2000

Set of all 4 Figures:

Set of all 4 SE Figures: $47.96 $46.00


Chiana SE: $11.99

D'Argo SE: $11.99

Zhaan SE: $11.99

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