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B5 Miscellaneous Subject T-shirts


Standard Short Sleeve T's

fv-2101-50.jpg (3742 bytes)fv-logo-b-25.jpg (1324 bytes) Zocolo T-shirt -


M-L - 

XXL - $19.75
The Zocolo is:
"Your Last Best Hope for a Good Stiff Drink!"

Purple Shirt, main printing on front, B5 logo on the Back.

Sold Out

  fv-2105-50.jpg (3742 bytes)fv-logo-b-25.jpg (1324 bytes)Babylon 5 Station  T-shirt -

M-XL - $17.25
XXL - $19.75
Babylon 5 Station:
"A Shining Beacon in Space
...All Alone in the Night"
Black Shirt, main printing on back, B5 logo on the Front.. Sold Out
Star Furies T-shirt image (3923 bytes)Star Furies T-shirt
B5-T7 $17.25
XXL - $19.75

Sold Out
b5-t5-50.jpg (4875 bytes) Za'Ha'Dum T-shirt
B5-T5 $17.25
XXL - $19.75
Discontinued - Sold Out

  b5-t6-50.jpg (4371 bytes) Shadows T-shirt
B5-T6 $17.25
XXL - $19.75
Discontinued - Sold Out
Style SBAB02 image

Discontinued - While supplies Last

Style SBAB02. "Fighter Attack"
B5 station with the logo, a nebula in the backgound and a Star Fury fighter in the foreground.
  WHAT DO YOU WANT on a T-shirt?

A new shirt with a SHADOW ship!

Depicts a scene from the first attack of the Shadows on a Narn target.

SBAB06 $17.25
(M only left)
Discontinued - While supplies Last

Style SBAB03 image

Discontinued - While supplies Last

Style SBAB03. "Orbiting B5"
B5 station with the planet it is orbiting in the backgound.
    Style SBAB04 imageStyle SBAB04. "Last, Best Hope"
Babylon 5 station with logo, a nebula in the backgound, and the slogon "The Last, best hope ... Babylon 5" across the bottom.

Discontinued - While supplies Last

Style B5-T-1 ImageSold Out

Style B5-T-1 "Screenprinted B5 Logo".
Screenprinted B5 Logo across the front of the shirt.

    Babylon 5 Logo Polo ShirtStyle SBABPL - Embroidered Babylon 5 Logo Polo Shirt. Has the Babylon 5 logo embroidered over the left breast pocket location. Discontinued - Sold Out

All sizes (M-2XL) $29.95.

Discontinued - While supplies Last


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