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Agents of Gaming Miniatures

(Some assembly may be required...)
(Ship product code links lead to paint examples at AOG)

After the collapse of Agents of Gaming, the figures became very scarce. I have located a source of new stock figures before packaging. They are new, but just not in their display packaging. If you absolutely need the display packaging, let me know in the checkout instructions - or e-mail me prior to purchase. Otherwise, you will receive most figures bagged rather than packaged.

Babylon Wars Miniatures (AOG-BW prefix) run ~1"-4" in size
Fleet Action Miniatures (AOG-FA prefix) run ~1/4"-1" in size

Organized by Race:

Primary Races:
[Centauri] [Minbari] [Narn] [Shadow] [Vorlon]

Non-aligned Races:
[Abbai] [Brakiri] [Dilgar] [Drazi] [Gaim] [Pak'ma'ra] [Vree]

[Raiders] [Civilian] [Ancients]

Organized by Ship Class
Still being reorganized

[Ships of the Wall]

Note, the list below is not as complete as the lists organized by race. Also, Most of the Fleet Action figures can be purchased, but I have not included most of them here. A list of Fleet action figures can be found at this link: Fleet Action


AOG-BW-206 Starfury Fighter (3/blister): $7.95
AOG-BW-207 Narn Frazi Heavy Fighter (3/blister): $7.95
AOG-BW-208 Centauri Sentry Medium Fighter(3/blister): $7.95
AOG-BW-209 Minbari Nial Heavy Fighter (3/blister):
AOG-BW-217 Minbari Flyer (3/blister): $7.95
AOG-BW-227 Vorlon Transport/Scout (3/blister): $9.95
AOG-BW-228 Vorlon Heavy Fighter (2/blister): $9.95
AOG-BW-229 Raider Fighter (3/blister): $7.95
AOG-BW-237 Shadow Medium Fighter (3) $7.95
AOG-BW-238 Minbari Tishat Medium Fighter (3) $7.95
AOG-BW-244 Earth Force Thunderbolt (3/blister): $7.95
AOG-BW-251 Abbai Tiraca Attack Frigate: $9.95
AOG-BW-252 Abbai Kotha Medium Fighter (3): $7.95
AOG-BW-253 Abbai Shyarie Jammer Frigate: $9.95
AOG-BW-260 Centauri Rutarian Strike Fighter (3/blister): $7.95
AOG-BW-267 Narn Gorith Medium Fighter (3/blister): $7.95
AOG-BW-272 Drazi Sky Serpent Fighter (3/blister): $9.95
AOG-BW-275 Vree Tzymm Heavy Frighter $7.95
AOG-BW-278 Brakiri Falkosi Light Fighter (3/blister): $7.95
AOG-BW-279 Brakiri Halik Fighter-Killer $8.95
AOG-BW-282 Earth Badger Assault Fighter (3/blister): $7.95
AOG-BW-283 Earth Thethys Police Cutter (2/blister): $9.95
AOG-BW-288 Pak'ma'ra Por'fa'tis Fighter (3): $7.95
AOG-BW-291 Dilgar Thorun Dartfighter (3): $7.95
AOG-BW-292 Dilgar Athraskala Bomber: $9.95
AOG-BW-298 Vree Vaarl Scout Saucer: $9.95
AOG-BW-310 Centauri Darkner Fast Attack Frigate: $9.95



AOG-BW-202 Minbari Sharlin WarCruiser: $13.95
AOG-BW-203 Narn G'Quan Heavy Cruiser: $13.95
AOG-BW-204 Centauri Primus Battlecruiser: $13.95
AOG-BW-212 Earthforce Hyperion Cruiser: $9.95
AOG-BW-214 Narn T'Loth Assault Cruiser: $13.95
AOG-BW-215 Drazi SunHawk $9.95 
AOG-BW-216 Minbari Tigara Strike Cruiser$13.95 
AOG-BW-220 Earth Olympus Corvette: $13.95 
AOG-BW-221 Earth Sagittarius Cruiser: $13.95 
AOG-BW-222 Minbari Whitestar: $9.95
AOG-BW-224 Minbari Tanashi - Early Cruiser : $9.95
AOG-BW-225 Minbari Tigara Attack Cruiser: $9.95
AOG-BW-226 Vorlon Heavy Cruiser: $24.95
AOG-BW-235 Shadow Cruiser $13.95
AOG-BW-239 Vorlon Light Cruiser $13.95
AOG-BW-241 Minbari Troligan Armored Cruiser $13.95
AOG-BW-243 Minbari Neshatan Gunship: $13.95
AOG-BW-246 Centauri Dargan Strike Cruiser: $13.95
AOG-BW-250 Abbai Lakara Cruiser $13.95
AOG-BW-263 Narn G'Karith Patrol Cruiser $13.95
AOG-BW-271 Drazi Strikehawk: $9.95
AOG-BW-273 Vree Xill Battle Saucer $13.95
AOG-BW-274 Vree Xorr War Saucer $9.95
AOG-BW-276 Brakiri Avioki Heavy Cruiser: $13.95
AOG-BW-277 Brakiri Tashkat Advanced Cruiser: $13.95
AOG-BW-280 Brakiri Ikorta Light Assault Cruiser: $8.95
AOG-BW-295 Dilgar Tratharti Gunship: $13.95
AOG-BW-296 Dilgar Targath Strike Cruiser: $13.95
AOG-BW-297 Abbai Bimith Defender: $13.95
AOG-BW-299 Gaim Moas/Markab Shafab: $13.95
AOG-BW-300 Pak'ma'ra Thar'not'ak Plasma Cruiser: $13.95



Destroyers, Etc.

AOG-BW-201 Earthforce Omega Destroyer: $13.95
AOG-BW-211 Earth Artemis Heavy Frigate: $9.95
AOG-BW-213 Centauri Vorchan Warship: $8.95
AOG-BW-216 Drazi Stormfalcon Heavy Cruiser: $13.95
AOG-BW-218 Minbari Torotha Assault Frigate $9.95
AOG-BW-219 Earth Poseidon Carrier: $39.95
AOG-BW-223 Minbari Leshath Heavy Scout: $9.95 
AOG-BW-230 Raider Carrier: $13.95
AOG-BW-231 Raider Battle Wagon: $13.95
AOG-BW-232 Raider/Civilian Freighter: $13.95
AOG-BW-233 Civilian Tanker: $8.95 
AOG-BW-236 Shadow Destroyer/Scout: $9.95
AOG-BW-240 Vorlon Destroyer: $9.95
AOG-BW-245 EarthForce Warlock Advanced Destroyer: $24.95
AOG-BW-247 Centauri Covran Scout: $7.95
AOG-BW-249 Centauri Haven Patrol Boat (2): $9.95
AOG-BW-254 Abbai Miliani Carrier: $13.95
AOG-BW-255 Centauri Kutal Gunship : $7.95
AOG-BW-257 Centauri Balvarin Carrier:$13.95
AOG-BW-258 Centauri Altarian Destroyer: $9.95
AOG-BW-261 Narn Rongoth Destroyer: $9.95
AOG-BW-262 Narn Sho'Kos Police Cutter (2/blister): $9.95
AOG-BW-264 Narn Dag'Kar Missile Frigate: $7.95
AOG-BW-265 Narn Sho'Kar Scout: $8.95
AOG-BW-266 Narn Ka'Toc Battle Destroyer: $9.95
AOG-BW-268 Narn Var'Nic Destroyer: $9.95
AOG-BW-269 Narn Thentus Frigate: $8.95
AOG-BW-270 Drazi Sunhawk: $9.95
AOG-BW-281 Brakiri Brokados Battle Carrier: $13.95
AOG-BW-284 Earth Oracle Scout: $9.95
AOG-BW-286 Pak'ma'ra Resh'kas'u Carrier: $13.95
AOG-BW-287 Pak'ma'ra Urik'hal Destroyer: $9.95
AOG-BW-289 Dilgar Jashakar Frigate (2/blister): $9.95
AOG-BW-293 Dilgar Ochlavita Destroyer: $9.95
AOG-BW-294 Dilgar Protra Scoutship: $9.95
AOG-BW-308 Centauri Mograth Frigate: $9.95
AOG-BW-309 Centauri Sulust Escort Destroyer: $9.95
AOG-BW-316 Earth Avenger Carrier: $13.95
AOG-BW-317 Earth Orestes Monitor $9.95
AOG-BW-318 Earth Hermes Priority Transport / Raider Brigantine: $9.95


Refits and Upgrades

AOG-BW-305 Refits & Upgrades (Earth & Minbari): $9.95

            2 Omega SPB turret sprues
            4 Sharlin nose gun sprues
            4 Nova big gun sprues
            2 Nova small gun sprues
            2 Hyperion engine nozzles
            2 Olympus turret sprues
            2 Olympus vane sprues
            2 Tinashi wing sprues
AOG-BW-306 Refits & Upgrades (Narn & Centauri): $9.95
            2 G'Quan flying bridge pieces
            4 Primus twin array sprues (4 guns each)
            2 Primus antenna sprues
            2 Primus fin sprues
            2 Primus bridge sprues
            2 Dargan gun/fin sprues
            4 Covran engines
            2 Balvarin turret sprues



Fleet Action Figures

AOG-FA-2106 (old BW-406)Earth Starfury Fighter  (18-pack): 9.95
AOG-BW-2107 (old BW-444) Earth Force Thunderbolt (18-pack): $9.95
AOG-FA-2112 Earth Explorer (1) (Works in both Normal and FA-scale): $19.95
AOG-FA-2205 (old BW-409) Minbari Nial Fighter (18-pack): $9.95
AOG-FA-2306 (old BW-407) Narn Frazi Fighter (18-pack): $9.95 
AOG-FA-2406 (old BW-408)Centauri Sentry Fighter(18-pack): $9.95
AOG-FA-2752 (old BW-429) Raider Delta-V Fighter (18-pack): $9.95

All prices and release dates subject to change WITHOUT NOTICE.


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