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Agents of Gaming

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BW-121 RULES COMPENDIUM - This is a compilation of all the rules from our first eight products (the Core Rules, War of Retribution, Earth Wars, League of Non-Aligned Worlds-1, Shadow War, Showdowns-1 and 2, and Variants-1 and 2). All rules have been collected, revised, updated, and arranged for you in an easy-to-read 256-page manual complete with index. No more hunting through supplements looking for that elusive rule! Also includes several brand-new historical background sections on each of the races from the products listed above. These books do not include any ship data or scenarios, though ship descriptions and control sheets can be found in the companion volume, Ships of the Fleet (below).  $34.95

This is the soft-back edition. There is a hard-back edition available to me (and signed by JMS!) as well. Contact me for price and availability at:

AOG-BW-121: BW Wars 2nd Edition Compendium: $34.95


BW-122 SHIPS OF THE FLEET - The perfect companion to the Rules Compendium, this huge 300+ page manual includes all the rules and ship sheets from our first eight products (Core Rules, War of Retribution, Earth Wars, League of Non-Aligned Worlds-1, Shadow War, Showdowns-1 and 2, and Variants-1 and 2). Over 240 ships are included, and minor edits have been made to correct mistakes in the originals. Bundled with this book is a CD-ROM including PDF-format files for all ships in the book, so you can print them out at your leisure without needing to visit a copy machine! MSRP: $29.95

E-mail for availability...

 BW-152 REINFORCEMENTS: Additional counters and maps for either Babylon 5 Wars or Fleet Action! This product includes one of the blue 42x30 hex maps from the Core Rules Boxed Set, plus the four countersheets from the Core Rules, Earth Wars, and League-1, plus the long-awaited Second Edition color countersheet for the War of Retribution! Also included (while supplies last) is one random extra sheet from our massive stockpiles! MSRP: $19.95 **LIMITED QUANTITIES**


AOG-BW-152: Reinforcements: $19.95

The younger races have taken matters into their own hands, and are battling the First Ones head-on! Who will clench victory in the ultimate battle for the very future of the galaxy? Inside you'll find the most requested (and most powerful) ships to date from both the Shadow and Vorlon fleets, plus the Shadow-modified Omega and even the ships of the Ancient Ones! The final word in the battle between the Forces of Light and the Shadow threat! Includes full color rulebook, separate ship book, and color countersheet. $24.95

AOG-BW-106: Babylon 5 Wars Coming of Shadows: $24.95

BW-103 THE DILGAR INVASION - In February 2228, the Dilgar Imperium attacked and defeated the Alacans, a weak minor race struggling to make a place
for itself in the Galaxy. This began almost five years of terror and war as the Dilgar swarmed through the League of Non-Aligned Worlds, conquering the weak and bombing those homeworlds they could not control. Only the intervention of the Earth Alliance turned the tide of battle and saved the Galaxy from the Dilgar menace. Read the complete history of the war, and fight the vicious Dilgar using the ships in this product! Also included are several new races not seen before - the Alacan Republic, Balosian Underdwellers, and Markab Theocracy - plus Dilgar war era ships for the Earth Alliance! This long-awaited product is a must
have for all fans of Babylon 5! Includes full color rulebook, separate ship book, and color countersheet. $24.95 

AOG-BW-103: Babylon 5 Wars Dilgar Invasion: $24.95


AOG-BW-151 Babylon 5 Wars 2nd Edition Boxed Set: $49.95. Sold Out, see replacement Below... 
Not just a repacking of the AOG-BW-101 below. Includes:

  • A 96-page color rulebook with rules and background material.

  • Ship control sheets covering ships and fighters from the four main races of Babylon 5:

    • Earth Alliance

    • Centauri Republic

    • Narn Regime

    • Minbari Federation

  • One set of dice, including one D20 and one D6

  • Two full color countersheets, 1 misc. counter sheet

  • 12 high quality pewter miniatures:

    • 6 Centauri Sentri medium fighters

    • 6 Narn Frazi heavy fighters

Bonus: Look for the Drazi Sunhawk Miniature Preview Certificate Inside the Box.

AOG-BW-151A - Updated replacement for the Babylon 5 Wars 2nd Edtion Boxed Set.

  • BW-121

  • BW-122

  • Reinforcements

  • 6 of each Sentri and Frazi fighters in a bag with stands

  • One pack of dice of the customer's choice of race (a complete set of dice, include preference in Special Instructions on checkout, otherwise EA will be sent)

AOG-BW-151A: Babylon 5 Wars 2nd Edition Boxed Set Replacement: $85 **LIMITED QUANTITIES** E-mail for availability

AOG-BW-101 Babylon 5 Wars Boxed Set: $45.00: This is the basic set of the game. It has all the rules necessary to play, as well as a selection of the major ships seen in the show. The set contains a  96-page rulebook, a set of dice needed to play, and a set of full-color top-down view hex counters with some smaller counters used for various purposes in the game. In addition, a basic 1 1/4" hex map is included (compatible with the counters) along with twelve fighter miniatures and stands: 3 Starfury, 3 Narn Frazi, 3 Centauri, and 3 Minbari.

AOG-BW-101: Babylon 5 Wars Boxed Set: $45.00 Sold Out

AOG-BW-105 War of Retribution: Atlas of the Narn-Centauri War: $24.95 (Available Now!): This details the conflict fought between the Narn and Centauri during the second season of Babylon 5. Maps of the war, scenarios and expanded ship lists are included, along with new weapons such as the mag gun, guardian array, ion torpedo, matter cannon, and burst beam. Over 30 new ships, fighters and bases are provided, from the mighty Centauri Octurion Battleship to the lowly Narn Sha'Kos Police Cutter, as well as new ship classes like Missile Frigates, Scouts, Escorts, Carriers, Strike Cruisers, Supply Ships, and more!

AOG-BW-105: War of Retribution: $24.95
1st edition will be sent until it is sold out. Then 2nd edit will be sent. If you don't want the substitution, please indicate so in the special instructions.

AOG-BW-155: War of Retribution- 2nd Edition: $24.95

AOG-BW-156: War of Retribution, Update Pack: 
Contains the things you need to update your original release Babylon Wars set to play in the 2nd edition games. Replaced by AOG-BW-114: Showdowns 5

AOG-BW-102 Militaries of the League of Non-Aligned Worlds, Part 1: $25.00 (11/99): Six of the races of the League will be presented in this product, including racial backgrounds, personalities, fiction, scenarios, technology, ships, and fighters. Each race will have 6 ships/fighters in the product, along with new weapons and technologies. Races included will be the Abbai, Brakiri, Drazi, Gaim, pak'ma'ra, and Vree.

AOG-BW-102: Militaries of the League of Non-Aligned Worlds: $25.00
Contains the things you need to update your original release Babylon Wars set to play in the 2nd edition games.

AOG-BW-110 Show Downs I: $16.95 : Another first in the B5
Wars universe, Showdowns-1 presents dozens of new
scenarios to play out to the bitter end, as well as new
civilian and Raider ships, Narn and Centauri orbital
satellites, unique weapons, elite officers and more!
Includes: Rules and options for mine warfare, a
preview of Raider ships & fighters, enhancements (for
ships, fighters, officers, and crew), and a variety of
miscellaneous rules (such as cargo holds, C&C
recovery, fighter critical hits, etc.) and terrains
(asterois, planets, moons, gravity wells, hyperspace
whirlpools, and more). Whether your gaming group is
looking for some unconquered territory or you've just
played one free-for-all too many, the Showdowns
series will provide unlimited playability to a trusted
game system!

AOG-BW-110: Showdowns I:  $16.95

AOG-BW-111 SHOWDOWNS-2 - The second in the Showdowns series, Number Two contains new rules, options and control sheets for plenty of League fighters, breaching pods, legendary officers, ships, satellites, weapons, bases, mines, armed shuttlecraft and a whole lot more! Also includes the following new rules: shield projectors, gravitic lances, grav cannons, ranged fusers, jumping into combat, assigned fighter missions, partial turn initiative penalties, debris, and opportunity fire! An essential part of any die-hard player's collection, Showdowns-2 is destined to go down in history as the greatest expansion book ever published by man. No, really. Seriously.


AOG-BW-111: Showdowns-2:  Contact for availability and price

AOG-BW-112 SHOWDOWNS-3 - Third in the series, Number Three includes tons of rules, background and scenarios for more of your favorites from the Babylon 5 Wars universe! Included: new construction Earth Alliance ships (Warlock Advanced Destroyer, Cronos Attack Frigate, Delphi Advanced Scout, and Apollo Bombardment Cruiser), the Streib Collectors (an alien race bent on capturing and studying others), the Protectorate War (fought between the Minbari Protectorate and an aggressive Raider faction called the Imperial Star Legion), and the Kirishiac Lords (more ships and background for everyone's favorite Ancient race from the Shadow War supplement). Also included: the complete ELINT and Skin Dancing rules and a list of all changes and updates from the Rules Compendium and Ships of the Fleet! Yes, it's another fantastic supplement you can't do without!  

AOG-BW-112: Showdowns-3:  Contact for availability and price

AOG-BW-113 SHOWDOWNS-4. This issue of the Showdowns series is a follow-on to THE DILGAR INVASION (BW-103), the hottest new B5W product in 2000! With this book you can play the entire Dilgar War in scenarios, using over 20 different scenarios including the huge Final Battle at Omelos - a battle so big we had to break it into four parts! Of course, we couldn't do a book like this without ships, so you'll find more than 20 new vessels inside - such as Jha'Dur's personal Mishakur Dreadnought, and ships for the Abbai, Brakiri,
Markab, Llort, and other races involved in the Dilgar War! And, as if we hadn't already packed enough cool stuff into one book, we've even added an entirely new race, the Descari Committees! How could you possibly live without this product?

AOG-BW-113: Showdowns-4: $16.95 Due January 2001


AOG-BW-114 SHOWDOWNS-5. This latest chapter in the Showdowns series focuses on the War of Retribution. Included you'll find an intensely detailed history complete with maps, describing the War from start to finish at a level never before seen. Ten new Narn and Centauri ships and variants (such as Orieni-era mothballed Centauri hulls) are provided. There's also a new race (the Corillani Theocracy) who attempted to get involved in the War, complete with history, technology, and ships & fighters to enjoy. Play the entire Narn-Centauri War in scenarios, with over 25 different scenarios provided for your enjoyment! This is an ideal companion volume to the out-of-print BW-105 and BW-156, as it expands on the War of Retribution without duplicating any material found in those products! MSRP: $16.95

AOG-BW-114: Showdowns-5: $16.95 


AOG-BW-104 Earth Wars: $24.95 :
The sky itself seems filled with transports. Thousands of men and women flee the imagined safety of their fortified colony. Arrayed about the planet, row upon row of defense satellites point their guns spaceward. Swarms of Starfuries patrol the area, their pilots nervously surveying the stars. Nearby, a fleet of starships guards the jump gate as transport after transport makes good its escape.

Dozens of blue portals appear all about them. Every man and woman in the defence fleet gulps away their fears and makes peace with their god.

The Minbari have come...

This product details the major wars of earth in the latter half of the 22nd century, specifically the disastrous Earth-Minbari War and the Earth Civil War. Included are new ships and fighters for the Earth Alliance and Minbari Federation, as well as scenarios detailing these great struggles and the fight for freedom undertaken by Babylon 5.

AOG-BW-104: Earth Wars $24.95

AOG-BW-111 Militaries of the League of Non-Aligned Worlds, Part 2: $25.00 (TBA): The remainder of the League will be detailed herein, in the same format as Part 1 in this series (above). Races included will be the Hurr, Ipsha, Grome, Hyach, Llort, Markab, and perhaps other smaller races known to be associated with the League (for good or ill), such as the Lumati.

AOG-BW-112 Babylon 5 Wars: Showdowns! (TBA) This will be a scenario book with various sizes of scenarios (over 30 of them), new terrains, optional rules, mini-campaigns, and a published set of tournament rules. This product will be published between League-1 and Shadow Wars and will include the early (unrefitted) Babylon 5 station, the Streib collector ship, the prototype White Star, the Thunderbolt fighter, and two Raider ships, along with all rules needed to play these vessels.

 AOG-BW-107 Babylon 5 Wars Campaign Guide: $30.00 (TBA): Rules and guidelines will be given for running strategic campaigns in the Babylon 5 universe. Rules for both historical and non-historical campaigns will be given, and excellent reference material (such as a complete historical timeline and a fold-out star map) will be found in this product.

AOG-BW-108 War Without End: $25.00 (TBA): The War against the Shadows has been going on for thousands of years. This book will provide details of the older races which have fought against them.

AOG-BW-109 Ships of Babylon 5 Wars: $35.00 (TBA): This book will give combine all the ships which have been detailed out in the various books into one location, as well as providing some new ships and possibly new races (such as the Streib and Soul Hunters).

AOG-BW-??? GROPOS Ground Assaults in Babylon 5 Wars (TBA): This product will include rules for assaulting ground targets and cities, orbital bombardment, space-ground support, and so on. While we've decided to do this product, we haven't determined a detailed format, and haven't received concept approval yet, so the entire project is tentative. Further details will be provided as they are available.

AOG-BW-??? The Raiders: We are considering producing a supplement detailing the Raiders, which would include the Belt Alliance and various pirate organizations.

All prices and release dates subject to change WITHOUT NOTICE.


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