The Fiery Trail
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The Fiery Trial

The Fiery Trial

Price: $24.95 | Babylon 5 | Pages: 128 | Softback | MGP3331

Fiery Trial is more than just a few scenario modules thrown together. It is designed to act as the centrepiece of an epic campaign—an entire story arc the Games Master can use either on its own or alongside other arcs of his own creation. Between the various modules, months may pass before the players start the next scenario. In many cases, the players may not even be aware that any given module is part of the same series, until they discover a clue that ties things together. Frequently this revelation only occurs at the end of a module, providing an excellent cap to an evening’s gaming. The payoff moment, as each player suddenly realises what they have been a part of, is one of the most rewarding facets of the Babylon 5 roleplaying game.


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