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Image of Left Side B5 Fleer Card AdImage of Right Side B5 Fleer Card Ad

Image of Right Side B5 Fleer Card AdLimited numbers of Fleer series 1 cards are still in stock.

Special release: Bridge Crew Card Collection

Twenty Different, full-color, 2-1/2" x 3-1/2" silver foil stamped cards from the first B5 card series. This scarce "Bridge Crew" collection includes many of your favorite characters from Babylon 5's first season!

B5TCS1BCSet: B5 Bridge Crew Card Collection pre-order $48.00 pre-order

Packs sold out
Charges are $2.00/8 card pack (limit: 6 per person), plus $0.75 S&H for shipping to locations in the US and CANADA (other locations contact us for a quote) for the first pack and $0.30 for every pack after the first.
Cards are also now available in jumbo 10 card packs. Those packs are $2.20 per pack. Shipping is the same for the 8 card packs.
There were two box styles available, the standard package, and the jumbo package.
  • Standard package: $60/per box, 36 packs per box, 8 card packs. sold out
  • Jumbo package: $45/per box, 24 packs per box, 10 card packs. sold out
We have partial sets of the numbered cards available, as well as chasers available as separate sets and singles. A partial set of numbered cards is $call +S&H($4). Due to the volatility of the market, call for pricing and availability. (As of 6/1/97, Space Gallery cards are $5ea, Foil backs are $7ea, and Holograms (call for stock) are $60ea)

We sell and trade singles. Numbered cards run from $0.50 to $2.00 each, $5.00 each for Space Gallery, and $7.00 each for Prizmatic Foil cards. (+S&H). Contact for specific prices.

Prices are subject to change.

Keep watching this page for the up-coming card image identification catalog.
See the text checklist.
Some of the characteristics of the cards, as described in the ads:

  • Mesmerizing Special Effects
  • Photography of Actual Ships, Aliens and Fighter Power from the Top-Rated TV Show
  • Foil-Stamping on Every Card
  • UV Coating
  • Superior Quality Stock

Included as images on the cards:

  • Commanders and their multi-planetary crew
  • Alien Ambassadors
  • Pilot and featured episode images
  • Intriguing little known facts

As of last contact with Fleer, I have found the following information:
The cards will be available in 8 card packs, 36 packs per box.
In addition to the standard cards, there will be Three limited edition chase card sets:

Space Gallery ~1 in 32 cards
Eight exclusive paintings by sci-fi artist Lee MacLeod.
Prismatic Foil ~1 in 48 cards
Luminescent prismatic foil "powers up" all the action for maximum special effects impact on board and in space.
Holograms ~1 in 96 cards
Prepare to fire! action so powerful and real, you'll feel like the commander of your own starship blazin through the planetary sectors.

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