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(Some assembly may be required...)
(Ship product code links lead to paint examples from AOG)

After the collapse of Agents of Gaming, the figures became very scarce. I have located a source of new stock figures before packaging. They are new, but just not in their display packaging. If you absolutely need the display packaging, let me know in the checkout instructions - or e-mail me prior to purchase. Otherwise, you will receive most figures bagged rather than packaged.

Babylon Wars Miniatures (AOG-BW prefix) run ~1"-4" in size
Fleet Action Miniatures (AOG-FA prefix) run ~1/4"-1" in size

AOG-BW-276 Brakiri Avioki Heavy Cruiser: $13.95
AOG-BW-277 Brakiri Tashkat Advanced Cruiser: $13.95
AOG-BW-278 Brakiri Falkosi Light Fighter (3/blister): $7.95
AOG-BW-279 Brakiri Halik Fighter-Killer $8.95
AOG-BW-280 Brakiri Ikorta Light Assault Cruiser: $8.95
AOG-BW-281 Brakiri Brokados Battle Carrier: $13.95


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